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Eu and Singapore reach Free Trade Agreement

by Marco Notarnicola. After ten years of negotiations, the landmark free trade agreement between the European Union and Singapore (EUSFTA), which removes nearly all Customs duties between the two jurisdictions, came into force on 20 November 2019. The EUSFTA was...

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Brexit: is it really done?

by Alessandro Belluzzo and Manuela Travaglini. The Queen has given Royal Assent and the European Parliament has ratified the Withdrawal Agreement (WA). Does this mean that Boris Johnson managed to Get Brexit done? And what will change for businesses and citizens on...

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Brexit: where are we now, and how to prepare for it

by Alessandro Belluzzo. Brexit approaches Following last December's elections, the Conservative Party now holds the majority of the seats in the House of Commons, which means that the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (the legislation required to implement the...

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A second chance

WWW.STEP.ORG/JOURNAL – February 2017 – Luigi Belluzzo e Alessandro Belluzzo: “Law Decree No 193/2016, converted to Law No 225/2016, reopened the terms related to the Italian voluntary disclosure programme (VDP). Designed as a last call for tax evaders, the new VDP is...

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