by Alessadro Belluzzo.

This time last week, the Premier and other staunch Brexiteers were looking forward to a rosy outlook post 31st October 2019:  The UK would finally be independent; there was a semblance of a withdrawal agreement on the table;  a post Brexit Budget was scheduled, and the government would be riding high.

But a week is a long time in politics.  After much backtracking, on Monday 28th of October Donald Tusk announced there would be another extension and Brexit was on again put on hold until January 31st 2020.

Boris Johnson told the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to stop dragging his heels over the decision to hold a general election; that they had a duty to the country to deliver Brexit and that this nightmare should come to an end.  He proposed that Parliament could have more time to examine the Brexit legislation if MPs agreed to a General Election on the 12th of December.  Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour.

Boris Johnson has vowed that he will win the election and lead the UK out of the EU by January the 31st,  declaring: ‘It’s time for the country to come together, get Brexit done and go forward”.

Let’s wait and see if we will have a Brexit Christmas!