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Many of our Clients are entrepreneurs or investors. We decided to focus on this group which, despite the specific differences in approach between entrepreneurs and investors, has quite similar needs. We guide our Clients’ through the delicate phases of investment, maintenance or divestment. Whether it be a matter of structuring the investment in tax or legal terms or providing advice or assistance in defining companies, funds or other instruments at the service of the investment, we remain at the side of our Clients.

We have developed particular expertise in Europe and North America, and through our network of correspondents, we also support investment activities in countries where we have an International Desk .

The Asset & Business Structuring department assists with analysing investment opportunities and possibly structure them, in accordance with Clients’ needs and objectives.

Through the Focus Team which deals with Art, Collectables and & Trophy Assets, we have gained experience in the management of works of art, yachts and prestigious real estate, and our Wealth & Estate Planning department supports Clients in managing their interests in this regard.

We also support entrepreneurs and investors with specific regulatory and compliance advice through our Business & Commercial department and we address and coordinate their international activities through the International & Cross-border department.

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