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In London, the business is organised in full regulatory compliance, identifying the company and the reference partner that will offer the most suitable solution to the specific case, and in cooperation with Belluzzo International Partners.

On an international level, customer support is provided through the various offices and the integrated network of Belluzzo International Partners.


B&P Tax Legal Finance LLP

Provides multidisciplinary advice to individuals, family businesses, companies and groups of companies and institutions.



B&P Tax Legal Finance LLP 

Provides integrated statutory and tax compliance services for companies and individuals.


Belluzzo Audit Limited

Is involved in auditing & assurance, carrying out support and coordination activities also in the field of international accounting standards.



Phillips Lewis Smith in association with Belluzzo International Partners

Offers legal services within the SRA framework, undertaking reserved legal activities as regulated by the SRA.




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Belluzzo International Partners is a multidisciplinary, international and independent professional boutique that provides consultancy in the areas of Wealth, Law, Tax, Finance.
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