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International professional advice and assistance has always been one of the main activities of Belluzzo International Partners. With a wealth of experience alongside entrepreneurs who have internationalised since the 1980s and 1990s, the Firm has followed the same process, first opening its headquarters in London, where it is now the largest Italian-based firm, then in Singapore and Switzerland.

Over the years, thanks partly to a stable network of correspondents, we have consolidated and expanded our expertise, which now enables us to work alongside both private and corporate clients, with specific operating methods in various countries.

Through Desks, focused on a specific jurisdiction, our Professionals coordinate to support Clients in incoming or outgoing businesses in the different countries.

The International Desk enables us to cover jurisdictions in which there is no specific “country desk” and, in any case enables use to activate our correspondents in over 80 countries to offer our Customers a comprehensive solution to their needs, even where we do not have a specific Desk.


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Belluzzo International Partners is a multidisciplinary, international and independent professional boutique that provides consultancy in the areas of Wealth, Law, Tax, Finance.
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