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  • Because we are forward thinking.
  • Because we are independent, we have no conflicts of interest, we have many professional relationships which we activate in the interests of our Customers, their businesses and investments.
  • Because we have the skills and experience to bring added value in complex operations, often with cross-border value and in absolute compliance.
  • Because whether it involves applying best practices or innovating through tailor-made solutions, we always manage complexity in the interest of Customers.
  • Because we know the value of time and efficiency and we always give an organised response to the needs of Customers, with a first response in a short period of time.
  • Because we have in turn internationalised ourselves and understand the value of relying on qualified professionals in different jurisdictions, whilst maintaining global coordination. Also, for this reason, we have built, over the years, a dense network of experienced professionals in the main jurisdictions.
  • Because we work in the main international financial centres, also through our Partners, Professionals and correspondents, who live the reality of the places and share their culture and social and business relations.
  • Because we are an international consulting boutique,  with an Italian matrix that combines the experience and expertise of accountants, lawyers, solicitors and consultants and contributes to the network of “know-how” typical of Made in Italy and the Italian value in the world that has evolved over time by integrating the Anglo-Saxon and international culture.
  • Because we approach the profession with passion, alongside the best Customers. 
  • Because, thanks to experienced professionals, often in more than one jurisdiction, we contribute to spreading knowledge and culture on an international level, with participation in research groups, events, associations and university teaching.
  • Because there is always a Partner next to our Customers, or rather an International Partner.

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Belluzzo International Partners is a multidisciplinary, international and independent professional boutique that provides consultancy in the areas of Wealth, Law, Tax, Finance.
A family business firm for business families