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Covid – Don’t let it overwhelm you. Luigi Belluzzo: risk management and asset planning

Covid – Don’t let it overwhelm you. Luigi Belluzzo: risk management and asset planning
Ilaria Caielli /CorriereTvs interviewed Luigi Belluzzo following the «The art of planning for the future: tools to manage and preserve your wealth» workshop that Luigi Belluzzo led together with Paola BergaminAlessandro Pallara and Alessandro Belluzzo partners of the Firm, as part of the 2020 Family Business Festival.
The event, organized by Corriere della sera and Bocconi University, had Belluzzo International Partners, also this year, among its partners


What are the best wealth preservation strategies, and how important are they?

“It is very important to plan and to dedicate the time to planning.  Planning means to look at how assets are held, but also how to manage assets in a multigenerational context.  We are used to a world where capital moves, and therefore the structuring of wealth is key”.


What areas generated the most interest?

“From surveys we conducted, 2 trends emerged.
Tools which are deemed more sophisticated, such as trusts, resurfaced as strategies of interest, as all doubt surrounding their legitimacy, including fiscal aspects, have been removed.
On the other hand, holding assets through family companies is becoming an increasingly popular tool in wealth structuring.
There is a desire to explore what is available in the choices for patrimonial structure for wealth preservation.  This does not surprise me.  In an era of heighted risk bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all looked introspectively into our heritage.
For this reason, it is vital to dedicate the right time to planning.  We, as architects of generational wealth management planning, advise on all aspects of business structures, wealth planning, tax and inheritance tax planning.
Our wealth planning team of tax and legal experts are dedicated to each project, using the spectrum of financial tools available, to deliver tailor made solutions to ensure that the clients meet their wishes and goals.



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