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Within the other offices of Belluzzo International Partners,  we have a network of cooperation with a selected number of auditing companies.

In the UK our activities are performed by Belluzzo Audit Limited, regulated by the ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and a registered Statutory Auditor. 

Because of our international expertise, we provide the perfect solution for international companies operating in the UK seeking to meet statutory and voluntary audit requirements. We have strong working relationships with top international audit firms, working as a component auditor on group audit assignments. 

Our team has vast experience led by the partner, Tony Castagnetti FCA and his qualified team have all trained and spent years working at top 10 audit firms in the UK and abroad. Financial audits exist to add credibility to the implied assertion by an organisation’s management that its financial statements fairly represent the organisation’s position and performance to the firm’s stakeholders.

We can also help our clients with:

We have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, which is of paramount importance in understanding your business and ensuring our audit not only fulfils your statutory obligations but also adds value. 

We assist the client by providing advice tailored to their needs which, in full compliance, provides a clear view of the performance of the company.


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