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The UK Desk was set up to assist Clients with their interests, or potential investments, in the UK.

Our teams are made up of  British and Italian Accountants and Lawyers who qualified and have extensive experience in the UK and local jurisdictions.


We advise:

  • companies and start-ups on accounting, tax services, domestic and multi-jurisdictional tax and legal assistance, including group reorganisation, M&A, due diligence and international tax assessment;
  • individuals, Families and their associated Family Offices on key aspects of taxation, relocation, estate planning and inheritance;
  • inbound and outbound business and asset structuring, including a focus service to investors.
  • litigation with a specific focus on controversy and rulings.

Our Desks are based on an integrated and multidisciplinary understanding of the business and private needs of the Client.


Our UK Desks and main contacts:


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