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Luigi Belluzzo at the Talk “Trusts and family office: best practices for business families” - Family Business Festival 2021

Luigi Belluzzo at the Talk “Trusts and family office: best practices for business families” - Family Business Festival 2021
Luigi Belluzzo, founding partner Belluzzo International Partners, together with Alessandra Manuli, managing director of Hedge Invest and Enrico Marchi, Chairman of Banca Finint, moderated by Silvia Sacchi of Corriere della Sera, during the Family Business Festival 2021.

The talk (in Italian) focused on trusts and family office as emerging tools for the family business. Cav. Enrico Marchi brought his practical testimony connected to the continuity needs of his family and his four sons. Dr. Alessandra Manuli brought the experience of their family single family office and how this has determined and determines investment choices in the real and financial economy.

Luigi Belluzzo brought the voice of the consultant, underlining how there are now many tools available for estate and succession planning and how Trusts are emerging as one of the most efficient.

Recalling the lesson of Prof. Piergaetano Marchetti, who preceded the panel, international and tax compliance trusts are certainly a suitable tool for those who want to deepen their central role on family governance too.

Legal instruments can therefore function in order to provide that degree of certainty which, especially in the international context, can be achieved with adequate estate planning. It is important to plan both the legal and fiscal side and it is precisely this “double track” that is the key to efficient estate planning.

It is necessary to look both horizontally at the generation currently in charge and vertically at the pacts and agreements between generations” underlined Luigi, highlighting how by combining corporate instruments  – the Family Company  and Trusts –  is possible to “calibrate those duties and those powers that make it possible to achieve the desired aims, in full legal and fiscal compliance “, giving the right role to the ambitions of the various members of the entrepreneurial family. Providing a legal and tax structuring to the general agreement often inserted on the family constitution.


Watch the video of the talk (in Italian) HERE


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