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Alessandro Belluzzo - “Il tennis a Bordighera dal 1878 a oggi”

Alessandro Belluzzo - “Il tennis a Bordighera dal 1878 a oggi”
Alessandro Belluzzo is amongst the authors of the book “Il tennis a Bordighera dal 1878 a oggi. Il primo Circolo in Italia, la nascita della racchetta SIRT e il Centro Piatti”, written by Gisella Merello and published by Alzani.

The book, which contains previously unpublished photographs and documents, tells the story of the birth of tennis and the production of the first tennis rackets in Italy, and details the considerable operational and financial contribution the British community made to Bordighera’s social, cultural and economic development.

Because of its’ history with tennis, Bordighera was the natural choice for the location of the Piatti Tennis Centre, which ranks amongst the best in Europe.

Alessandro Belluzzo contributed to the chapter “L’evoluzione del Tennis in Italia da Bordighera agli ATP di Torino” – “The evolution of tennis in Italy – from Bordighera to the ATP tournament in Turin”.

The book now available in bookshops in both Italian and English.

From the 7th to the 21st of August 2021 the exhibition “an anthology of the history of the first Tennis Club in Italy and the history of the SIRT” will be open to visitors at the “Centro Cultura Polivalente ex-Chiesa Anglicana”.


Alessandro’s contribution to this book is very much in keeping with the professional activity he has undertaken for years in supporting sports professionals.  Belluzzo International Partners and Trust&Wealth deliver tailor made wealth planning and asset management consultancy services to sports professionals to support them throughout their professional careers and beyond.


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