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Crisi & turnaround

The Team deals with legal and financial consultancy, as well as support operations, aimed at resolving corporate crises, in accordance with the bankruptcy rules in force. The Team works on corporate strategy in order to optimise the restructuring or recovery process using the available tools.

We support our Customers, not only in supporting operations that involve the application of bankruptcy law, but also in the possible choice of “special situations” that may represent the interest of the company in crisis or that of investors operating in this field.

Examples of our case histories:

  • Focus Alert
    Aug 26 , 2021
    Concessione abusiva di credito: legittimazione attiva del curatore per la reintegrazione del patrimonio del soggetto fallito
  • Focus Alert
    Aug 26 , 2021
    Nuovo D.L. in materia di crisi d'impresa e di risanamento aziendale
  • Focus Alert
    May 21 , 2021
    Cambia la concessione del credito dal 30 giugno 2021: l'impatto per le imprese
  • Focus Alert
    May 17 , 2021
    Belluzzo Mercanti’s role in the reorganisation of Binario S.p.A.
  • Focus Alert
    Apr 9 , 2020
    Emergenza Covid-19: Settore Giustizia e Crisi d’Impresa
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